Keynote Speakers

Input manipulation, enhancement and processing: theoretical views, empirical research and pedagogical implications



Alessandro Benati is Director of CAROLE (Centre for Applied Research and Outreach in Language Education) and Professor of Applied Linguistics and Second Language Studies at the University of Greenwich in the UK. He has researched and taught in the area of second language acquisition and processing instruction. He is co-author with James Lee of various books on the processing instruction model.

The talk is available as part of the following online publication.

“Neurophysiological correlates of (morpho-)syntactic processing in L2 acquisition”


Dietmar Röhm is Professor for Psycho-, Neuro- and Clinical Linguistics at the University of Salzburg. He acquired extensive expertise in the areas of signal analysis and modeling of EEG/MEG data, eye tracking, language processing and architecture of languages as a Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (Leipzig) and visiting researcher at the UMass Amherst. In his previous research on language-related brain-oscillatory processing correlates he marked the start of an innovative and new paradigm in experimental linguistics. His recent research focuses on the role of prediction in language processing, sign language processing sentence processing in disorders of language.

“How to grow new languages: a teacher’s  guide to the learner’s mind”

Michael Sharwood Smith is Emeritus Professor at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh and Honorary Professorial Fellow at Edinburgh University. He has worked in France, Sweden, Poland, South Africa teaching linguistics, applied linguistics, second language acquisition, TESOL and advanced EFL. He has over a hundred publications in one or other of these areas and introduced the terms grammatical consciousness-raising, crosslinguistic influence and input-enhancement. His major research interests are in cognitive processes underlying second language. He is currently working on a project with John Truscott developing a crossdisciplinary framework for framing explanations in diverse aspects of language acquisition and language processing called Modular On-line Growth and Use of Language. He is founding editor of Second Language Research and a former vice-president of the European Second Language Association.

The slides can be downloaded here.